3 Keys to a Successful Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive aliment planning and practices access a lot of aloft aliment administration activities in a adeptness environment. Actuality are some examples of this.

  • Accessories blow is abundantly afflicted by antitoxin aliment or the abridgement there of.
  • Adjustment plan orders are subjected to the influences of the antitoxin aliment program.
  • Purchasing and account are afflicted by antitoxin aliment for accepted backup of dispensable spares as able-bodied as adjustment locations adapted for abrupt downtime.

As apparent by the credibility above, antitoxin aliment should be “first base” for any aliment department. Unfortunately sometimes accepted antitoxin aliment activities generally do not get the absorption or acclaim they are due. This is a mistake. So what are the keys to a acknowledged antitoxin aliment program?

1. Careful Planning of the Antitoxin Aliment Program

Planning a antitoxin aliment affairs involves the following:

  1. Actuate tasks and intervals bare to advance the equipment.
  2. Ensure that the adapted assets are in place.
    • Agenda aliment cadre for best antitoxin aliment bend time.
    • Understand how appointed accessories blow and aliment cadre scheduling interface.
    • Administer spares effectively.
  3. Select a scheduling and accountability arrangement (preventive aliment software, CMMS software or equivalent)

Determine Aliment Tasks and Intervals

A acceptable antitoxin aliment (PM) assignment account contains the afterward components:

  • The accessories item.
  • The task(s).
  • The being the assignment is assigned to.
  • A assignment interval.
  • A alpha date and due date.
  • Optional: Abundant instructions and pictures if needed.
  • Optional: Assignment achievement sequence.

Begin with your accessories list. Next accumulate adapted tasks for antitoxin aliment assignment lists from OEM manuals or online manuals if possible. This is a acceptable abode to start, abnormally with newer equipment. In some cases, the accessories assurance is abased aloft afterward the OEM recommendations. Addition antecedent of tasks is the aliment manager’s acquaintance and intuition. Yet addition antecedent is annex locations active agnate equipment.

When developing a assignment list, accede the reusability of the assignment descriptions. Reusability refers to application the aforementioned assignment description on potentially assorted accessories items. The account is that there are beneath tasks, no alike assignment descriptions and bigger advertisement and assay of PMs. Accede these examples:

REUSABLE assignment description: Lubricate Roller Chain(s)

NOT REUSABLE: Lubricate Roller Chain(s) on Conveyor #1

In the aboriginal archetype this task, Lubricate Roller Chain(s), is adapted for any accessories with a roller chain. In the additional example, Lubricate Roller Alternation on Conveyor #1, is alone adapted on the Conveyor #1 PM assignment list. Imagine how bulky your antitoxin aliment software administration efforts become if you are not application reusable tasks. Addition archetype that may could cause problems after is allotment conventions such as 30 Day PMs or Weekly Tasks. This creates added redundancy, as the breach (30 in this case) is included in the PM almanac already. Additionally there is no assignment description actuality that refers to the absolute plan performed.

How do you actualize reusable tasks? Begin with the a lot of all-encompassing tasks you can anticipate of and actualize these first. Examples could be Inspect, Clean, Lubricate, etc. After these assignment descriptions accept been created, go to the next footfall and actualize tasks that are somewhat added specific. Actuality are some examples: Check Wiring, Alter Lubricant, Lube Chains. Continue with added added specific tasks consistently aggravating to abstain including the accessories or accessories basic in the assignment description. Eventually, for specialized tasks that are alone performed on specific equipment, it may become all-important to cover a basic of the accessories in the assignment description. Keep the assignment description abbreviate and focused on the absolute task. Obviously if the assignment description is short, it may not absolutely call the job. This is area abundant instructions and pictures are used.

Next, actuate what breach units are bare for your PM system. Calendar-based PMs usually will use a day interval. For archetype every 7 canicule Lubricate Roller Chain(s). Added tasks may be appeal based or based aloft the absolute runtime of the equipment. In some cases, hours or account may be appropriate. As you accretion acquaintance with this set of PM tasks and intervals changes to the tasks and intervals may be warranted. Consequently accept a arrangement that makes alteration absolute PMs simple and after absolute abstracts loss.

Ensure that Able Assets are in Place

Listed beneath are assets you charge for a acknowledged antitoxin aliment program:

  • Accomplished and accessible personnel.
  • Able spares, expendables, lubricants, drive chain, bearings, etc.
  • Time in the assembly or accessories runtime agenda to accomplish PMs.
  • A motivated aggregation of aliment professionals.

Cadre accept to be accomplished and able of cautiously assuming the adapted work. Vigorously accomplish able lockout/tagout procedures. Banal on duke for expendables and added spares acclimated for PMs has to be adequate. Inadequate spares not alone prevents achievement of the PMs, but aswell hurts activity if cadre attempting to accomplish their job are hindered by a abridgement of spares. As such, the purchasing administration has to accept an acclimation arrangement that stays advanced of antitoxin aliment spares requirements. Additionally an accountability arrangement (CMMS) helps clue spares use for restocking purposes. In summary, appearance your aliment technicians how important you accept antitoxin aliment is by accouterment the abstracts and training bare for these important tasks.

Time is a resource. Time accept to be accessible so that cadre can accomplish their work. This may crave scheduling changes so that aliment cadre are accessible during appointed accessories downtime. Given the adapted resources, your aliment aggregation cannot advice but be motivated to accomplish with accessories maintenance.

Use a Aliment Software Band-aid to Clue and Administer Maintenance

Now that the tasks, intervals, personnel, training and scheduling are accustomed it is time to amount the abstracts into a antitoxin aliment software system. With so abounding CMMS choices, it is important to do your assay carefully. Approximately fifty CMMS companies go out of business annually and fifty added alter these. Accept a absolute abiding CMMS aggregation that has a accurate almanac of accomplishment. Ask the afterward questions if allotment a CMMS:

  • How continued has the CMMS aggregation been in business?
  • How adjustable is the antitoxin aliment system?
  • Are there altered assignment account formats available?
  • Is it accessible to automate assignment account issuance?
  • Do technicians accept the adeptness to abutting their own PMs while advancement the candor of the data?
  • Is it accessible to abutting PMs after abrogation the bulb floor?
  • How simple (or hard) is it to acclimatize antitoxin aliment assignment schedules?
  • Are activity and locations costs calmly abbreviated and reported?
  • Is there an cold way to apperceive how to optimize assignment lists or assignment intervals based aloft blow or believability data?

If evaluating a CMMS it is best to run a affirmation archetype of the proposed arrangement with your own sample accessories and tasks. Use the arrangement for at atomic 30 days. Affair antitoxin aliment assignment lists to your personnel. Get their buy-in by demonstrating the account of the system. Prove to yourself and your aliment technicians that application the software makes both of your jobs easier. A lot of chiefly affirm that this arrangement has the abeyant to advance accessories availability and reliability.

Consider abutment and training as allotment of the antecedent investment. CMMS software training is able-bodied account the investment as it brings the aliment administration up to acceleration bound with the CMMS and instills aplomb in its use. This leads to bigger acquiescence in entering and afterlight data.

Price is important, about the absolute amount account of CMMS comes not from the antecedent investment in CMMS but in the advancing use and allowances acquired from that use. Some CMMS software solutions are subscription-based. Others are a ancient investment with a abiding license. While there are several factors to accede in CMMS selection, antecedent investment (price) should be a low antecedence if the account allows. Ask yourself this question: “Do you wish to assurance millions of dollars in accessories assets to a bargain CMMS?”

2. Implement Your New Antitoxin Aliment Program

Now it is time to alpha accomplishment the allowances of your new antitoxin aliment program. Actuality are a few questions to accede if implementing your new PM program:

  • Should tasks lists be printed, emailed or artlessly beheld through a book or smart-phone?
  • How are tasks bankrupt and what abstracts should be included?
  • Who should abutting the antitoxin aliment tasks as they are completed?
  • What will you use the arrangement if aliment cadre are absent?
  • Should additional locations lists be included on the assignment list?
  • If spares are included on the assignment list, should banal levels automatically draw down if the PM is completed?

The answers to these catechism appear down to aggregation policy, industry requirements, regulations and claimed preference.

3. Assess and Acclimatize Your Accessories Aliment Program

Constantly assessing your antitoxin aliment affairs is an basic allotment of managing this arrangement effectively. Accessories runtime schedules change, accessories appeal changes, cadre change, aliment technologies and procedures change. Your primary appraisal apparatus is accessories aliment data. The best you use your CMMS arrangement the added abstracts it accumulates. Assuming that you chose a CMMS that provides all-encompassing assay and reporting, this abstracts is now a admired controlling store. Use this abstracts for OEE (overall accessories effectiveness) and believability analysis. Accept a CMMS that uses MTBF (mean time amid failures) to advance antitoxin aliment assignment intervals. Application absolute runtime abstracts to set PM assignment intervals eliminates guesswork.

Being a proactive aliment administrator you should be adjusting to these changes as needed. Actuality are some things to attending out for and some account on how to react. Keep in apperception that sometimes there is no acting for an accomplished aliment manager’s intuition.

Equipment Runtime Agenda Changes

In some situations, antitoxin aliment can alone be performed while accessories is in a appointed shut down period. This creates a botheration for aliment scheduling. Actuality are some means to administer this situation.

  • Non-maintenance apparatus operators can complete some simple aliment procedures such as accessory lubrication tasks.
  • Double-team assertive accessories if it is down.
  • Acclimatize aliment schedules.
  • Use automatic aliment devices, such as lubricators.
  • Implement antitoxin aliment procedures during unscheduled downtime.

Equipment Appeal Changes

Equipment appeal relates to added than just runtime agenda changes. Appeal reflects the absolute time accessories is active and how abundant plan it performs during the appointed period. Obviously triggering PMs based aloft agenda canicule would not be adapted in these cases. It is best to activate PMs in this case based aloft runtime hours, cycles, cuts or whatever the adapted beat assemblage is for that equipment. Consequently this accessories should accept a counting accessory or be affiliated to the arrangement that automatically triggers antitoxin aliment plan orders through an OPC adjustable abstracts connection.

Select a CMMS software band-aid that reads OPC abstracts anon from the accessories afresh automatically responds with a antitoxin aliment plan adjustment at absolutely the adapted moment.

Personnel Changes

The best way to afflicted this assured change is to accept abundant listings of antitoxin aliment tasks, intervals, spares requirements and history. Make abiding this advice is accessible to canyon on to the new person. The added organized your arrangement is the easier is to move seamlessly through this change. Once again, a acceptable antitoxin aliment software band-aid addresses this need.

Additionally, advancing training and cantankerous training in assorted aliment processes can account cadre change issues.

Changes in Aliment Technologies and Procedures

An archetype of this blazon of change could be a new sensor that provides analytical aliment abstracts to an OPC server. This abstracts in about-face indicates the actual PM interval. Addition archetype could artlessly be active the accessories alone if needed. This activity saves activity assets and may abate abrasion and breach on the equipment.

Software is consistently improving. Desired options with antitoxin aliment software solutions are as follows:

  • Is there a role-based permission adequacy that allows the aliment technicians to abutting their own PMs?
  • Is there a apparatus to validate PMs bankrupt by technicians?
  • Does the adeptness to briefly accredit tasks to an alternating aliment artisan exist?
  • Is it accessible to accumulate runtime abstracts through an OPC adjustable abstracts arrangement and affair plan orders automatically.


Preventive aliment is the one of the primary responsibilities of the aliment administrator in a adeptness environment. Abounding aliment administration activities are afflicted by, and await on a acknowledged antitoxin aliment program. Added importantly, success of the adeptness ability as a accomplished is anon proportional to the superior of the design, accomplishing and administration of the antitoxin aliment system.

Do you anticipate antitoxin aliment is alarmingly important in your organization? What can you do to advance the arrangement you currently have? Please allotment your thoughts on this topic.

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